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Defining Priorities

Service Excellence: We strive for excellence and we take our lead from the needs of the courageous people we are here to serve.

  1. Our clients benefit from our services
  2. Our partners value our services
  3. We are open and accountable
  4. We are accessible and flexible
  5. We constantly seek to improve

Extraordinary Workplace: Our team of caring and ethical social service professionals inspire excellence, and consistently demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the vision and mission of STLEO.

  1. People are valued
  2. Staff are skilled and committed
  3. Our vision and mission thrive in our programs
  4. Everyone is included
  5. We are constantly learning

Healthy Community: STLEO makes our community stronger and connected.

  1. There are shared community values and opportunities
  2. People are safe and healthy
  3. People are engaged and informed
  4. People feel empowered
  5. We embody an ethic of caring

Strong Sustainable Agency: We continue to build on our 47 year history.

  1. We are financially sustainable
  2. We have effective business systems
  3. We communicate well with the community and have a good reputation
  4. Our leadership is dynamic
  5. We are innovative